Linda Cruse's 5 Day FREE Challenge


5 days, 5 emails, 5 challenges

September 7th - 11th 2015

This FREE Challenge is a powerful combination of insights gleaned from my international corporate, humanitarian and humanistic adventures - from life threatening to life changing experiences that in the most extreme will either change your world forever, or encourage you to think, feel and act very differently to get different, better and more profound results.
It’s only for those who have a sense of curiosity, daring and adventure in their souls and an irritating niggle that there is something missing!
On this FREE Challenge, we'll cover -
  1. Day 1: Money Freedom
  2. Day 2: Time Freedom
  3. Day 3: Relationship Freedom
  4. Day 4: Spiritual Freedom
  5. Day 5: Physical Freedom

By signing up to this FREE Challenge, you will;
  • Feel more alive, energised and excited to start the day;
  • Regain a sense of adventure, wonder and curiosity;
  • Be in tune with your own intuition, rhythm and passion;
  • Rediscover your own personal identity and freedom, able to let go of conditioning that has crept up on you from society, teachers and parents;
  • Recognise your dreams and have the techniques to make them come true;
  • Have practical methods for building personal resilience to support you with changes, big and small;
  • Live more consciously...and with surety share your unique voice, your skills and talents confident that you are living your truth in an authentic and life enhancing way.
As you integrate the insights tools and techniques from this FREE Challenge, every aspect of your life will begin to change in a positive way, both personal and professional.

Your new increased happiness and up beat approach means that you will be radiating a different energy that like a magnet will attract great new people and opportunities to come into your life

You were born to be happy.  You were born to live each day so alive that your body tingles with love and gratitude. 
I feel passionate about sharing what I have learnt - I want to help.

Thanks so much! 
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